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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Little treats for little fingers

Okay, so it might not even be December yet, but when you have small children - particularly ones practising for nativity plays - thoughts of Christmas start early.

And, call me sentimental, but I really like the thought of starting little traditions and rituals that our children will enjoy, and hopefully remember with a smile in the future when they think about their childhood. Last year, it was bunting - and that will be hung up again before too long. This year, it's miniature stockings for the tree. 

I got a bit carried away making these over the weekend - and I haven't got bored of making them yet, either. 

These stockings are perfect little things to sew when you're after something that is easy, portable and quick to finish. And fun to make, too - if, that is, you like buttons and trimmings as much as I do.

I LOVE the colour green - especially the ric rac in this picture
Who needs toys?
First off the production line was this set of simple linen stockings. I think they are my favourites - purely because of the green ric rac. 

A happy thought occurred to me after I'd made them - their uniform nature means there will be no arguments amongst the little monkeys. Or so you'd like to think. There are days when I am utterly smug about how nicely they play together - and others when the first sentence one of them speaks upon waking is aimed to antagonise. (And it does.)

Spot the odd one out

Okay, so I may be guilty of some favouritism here. But only because I was at home with a poorly girl whilst bigger sister was having fun with Daddy, and younger was sleeping. That teeny little star shaped button was a cause of much delight.

Needless to say, the big sister requested her own stocking soon after returning home and spotting the one pictured above. And she wasn't satisfied until she had made sure her stocking would have more buttons on it than her sister's one...

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