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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Monday marks the start of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, hosted at the lovely Elsie Marley blog.
Anyone can have a go and take part - the idea is to try and set aside an hour a day towards sewing up some kids clothes. I came across KCWC in the spring this year (I think Meg does two a year), and was completely taken aback by all the many unique and lovely clothes people were making for their children. And, by how willing people were to share their ideas and help other people along the way to making nice stuff.

It was during the last KCWC that I made this dress - and, shortly afterwards that I decided to have a go at blogging myself.

Mini Boden knock off, made out of vintage fabric
(vintage = free stuff given to me by an old lady)

So, have a look for yourself and see what people come up with this time round. I'd thought about making a list of things to make, but, well... after a fortnight of children taking it in turns to be poorly, I'm just going to see what happens!


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