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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tunic made out of birthday fabric

Remember the fabric my friend gave me for my birthday? No? You mean you don't commit every long winded detail of this blog to memory...?  The rule she gave me was only to be used for selfish sewing. Here's what I've just made out of the nice Amy Butler fabric:

Photo not great - and neither are the chances of getting a better one with me actually wearing the tunic, but hey ho.

The instructions on the pattern are really clear - I think well within reach of
someone who has a few basic sewing skills and projects under their belt.  

It being the fourth time I've used the pattern, I tried to get all clever, by tweaking it a bit. So, several rounds of unpicking later, I added a couple of darts in the back and some piping round the neck and sleeves, and now I have a tunic that is just the way I wanted it to be.  Okay, I admit it. I am stupidly pleased with my new top. (And yes, I am wearing it as I type this.)

So, largely for the benefit of my Mum, here are some pics of the tweaking.

The piping around the sleeve band. Feeling clever. 

The first bit of piping before it was unpicked and done again - on account of fact it was very uneven and amateur looking. Reaches for the stitch ripper and realises this tunic won't be finished any time soon. Sigh.

More ironing. And comments from husband about costs of electricity with iron being left on for hours on end.

Have worked out how I went wrong the first time - stitching this way round instead meant I could see the piping stitching and follow it and keep it even looking. Feeling clever again.

So this is what the instructions mean by finishing seams, huh? (Ashamed to admit it,
but this is the first time I have bothered to do this bit.)
Seriously, there is no big secret to making your own clothes - at the risk of sounding like an earnest teacher, have a go and don't worry if the first thing you make isn't exactly up to shop standards. Stick at it, and before too long you'll convince yourself you save yourself money on clothes and end up with something completely unique that fits you really really well. There is of course the risk that you'll get very slightly addicted to sewing in the process - but you have been warned...

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