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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rag dolls

When I was a little girl, my Mum made me a rag doll. Every so often, she resurfaces, and one of my little girls goes through a phase of playing with her, and they ask me to tell them again why this scruffy looking rag doll is so special.

Louby Lou

A while ago, Sophie asked me to make her a rag doll. Naturally I agreed. 

I think the idea partly came from her knowing about my own childhood rag doll, and also, from a book called "Sophie and Rose", about a girl and her doll.  Or, she is wise beyond her years, has no particular interest in owning a rag doll, but knows that Mummy likes nothing more than a project, and that I'd be flattered touched by the request. I'll let you know which, based on how quickly "Rosie" gets forgotten about or dropped in a puddle...

Anyway, here she is. I have to admit, I LOVED making her. I let the intended owner choose some fabric for her dress, and tell me what the hair and eye colours should be, too. The highlight for me was definitely the moment when - helped by my brilliant sewing friend Pamela - the doll got her hair. Transformation from freaky thing to something I cannot help but smile at. 


Bonus outfit made from scraps 

And now for a birthday dress for the birthday girl...

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