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Thursday, 25 August 2011

It is still summer, right?

Yesterday, I finished making myself a summer dress. It would be fair to say that within hours of that, it started raining, and has been tipping it down ever since. If this is anything more than coincidental, then people of Bedford, I can only apologise. As for the dress - I suppose it's just as well I happen to think it looks good  with a cardigan over jeans!

Summer dress made with birthday fabric

I used a pattern from this book - and found the fit and instructions to be pretty good. I think I'll try a skirt a bit like the one on the front cover next (although that would require me to make a decision over FIVE different fabrics to use, so it could be sometime before anything comes of that idea...)


Not much left of the birthday fabric, now - maybe enough for another small bag (perhaps a solid colour one with the flowery fabric as lining?) or some hair accessories or doll's clothes for the little girls in my life. We'll see!

Now to find some Wellington boots and raincoats to head off to the park for a morning of splashing with three small puddle-loving children...

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