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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Her first dolly

The week that has just gone has not been without its frustrations.

Two out of four children have had the sick bug.
Our anniversary meal was postponed.
My sewing class was cancelled when the sick bug returned.
The middle girl was too poorly to take part in her Christmas play.
An operation (to remove a disc from my back) was scheduled for the next day.
The logistical challenge of arranging child care for everyone at short notice was met. (Thank you, friends!)
My voice went.
Baby Charlotte is teething and feels miserable as a result.
As we were driving to the hospital, the operation was cancelled.
The operation was rescheduled for New Years' Eve. (Yes, I know how to party)
My head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool.
Meal times continue to drag and feel like a form of torture.

But, tomorrow is the last day of term. Bring. It. On.

With just six sleeps to go (that is how the littlest big girl is understanding how long to go until the presents under the tree can be torn open), I have a finished Christmas project to show off.

A dolly for baby Charlotte to dribble over.

I hope she will one day love those little shoes as much as I do. They are my favourite part of the dolly. And we'll ignore the slightly stumpy looking legs. I am still new to crochet, and I realised too late that the extra stitch or two I had some how ended up with on the first leg did make a difference. Still, there is nothing wrong with a pair of legs that look robust enough to dig some potatoes with.

I started the dolly ages ago, while we were away in Seahouses. So, for me, it will always hold lots of nice memories of relaxing times by the seaside. I started making it almost as an after thought, once the actual project I had taken with me to do was finished. Yes, this poor little dolly was made out of left over wool - apart from her arms. I ran out of wool, and that is why the long delay in finishing her. And also the reason she is wearing leggings! I liked the making process so much that I almost don't mind if she doesn't get played with lots.

And look. I spy a star garland!

The middle girl was with me (off school sick, watching CBeebies on the sofa next to me) when I finished the dolly for Charlotte. She kept asking to cuddle her for a bit longer before I finally prised her off her and wrapped her up and put her under the tree. Would you like one, then, I asked. Big grin.

And so, that will be the Mummy made present for the middle girl. She doesn't mind it will be late, as we have agreed we will have a special shopping trip together to choose the wool for her hair and clothes. Phew. That buys me some time.

The littlest big girl would like a rucksack. A bit like the penguin one the biggest girl requested last year, only a rabbit. Not too hard, hopefully.

As for the biggest girl, well, she was impossible to pin down. It seemed she was well, too old to really want a Mummy made present. Gulp. Until, the suggestion of something involving these sparkly beads was dangled in front of her. Watch this space.

There are lots of lovely things to be enjoying around here at the moment. It is busy, but a good busy. And so, if I don't get chance to say `hello' here before Christmas is over, well, I hope you have a fabulous one.

And, if you haven't commented already, there is still some time to enter the purse competition. I'll extend the deadline and draw a name from a hat on Christmas Eve. My own wish is looking ever closer to coming true. Step one is now complete, in that baby Charlotte's all night milk bar has been closed for over a week. And, the customer is happy. Now we just need to clear our house of that bug, swap the cat for a mouse, and we will be just like The Night Before Christmas.

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