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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sneak peak of the Crafty Bring and Buy goodies...

hand made by Sarah
The media in the UK may well have moved on, but thousands of the people of the Philippines still face a desperate situation.

With only a few days until the Crafty Bring and Buy, I thought I would post some pictures of a few of the early donations I have received.

For any local readers, donations are welcome throughout the day - and so too of course are shoppers! Saffron, who owns the lovely cake shop (where the sale is taking place) is going to be baking extra cakes for the day, so there will be plenty of her famous chocolate brownies and other delicious things to eat whilst you browse.

I have to admit, I am seriously tempted by what has already come in, and, if this is a sign of what we have to look forward to, then (to quote a favourite children's book character) "Ooooo, I can't wait, I can't wait!!".

These hand knitted beauties were created by a lady called Steph. They are all super soft, and I will tell you now that one pair of hand warmers most definitely has my name on. Luckily, she has given several pairs...

My mum has been busy knitting and crafting too. Her hand knitted stockings will look stunning on an tree, and I for one plan to buy some (or maybe just grovel to her to make me a few once the sale has ended).

I have been busy making things too. Here are some potential stocking fillers for the little (or big) girls in your lives, maybe?

And a couple of bobble purses, of course.

They even have some chocolate coins hidden inside, just to get you in the festive mood. Heck, if buying one for a gift, you could even cheekily eat the coins yourself, and no one would ever know. (Or is it just me that would do that kind of thing?)

So, if you're in Bedford on Saturday, make sure you head to Fancy on Roff Avenue. And bring plenty of cash - every penny you spend will be donated straight to the DEC Philippines Appeal.

Please help us spread the word and drum up support by clicking the Facebook or Twitter share icon just beneath this post. Thank you my lovelies! x

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