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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Afternoon Tea

The biggest girl made her first pot of tea today.

Daddy had gone out. We wasted no time in putting the fire on and watching last night's Strictly.

And then, in a bid to calm them down after their own ball room dancing shenanigans, I suggested we have Afternoon Tea. But, rather than me doing it all, I said they could do it instead. Once they realised I was serious, they all jumped at the chance of being trusted to try and do Grown Up Things.

The biggest girl boiled half a kettle full of water and made the tea and poured it out; the middle girl got the milk and put it in a jug; and, the littlest big girl carried the cakes (and only tipped them off the cake stand once) and made sure her tea had plenty of milk and sugar stirred in it.

They all felt proud of themselves and managed not to argue, either.


  1. sounds like you had a great time!

  2. How lovely - always a useful skill to teach your children. My 15 year old makes a great cup of tea but as he's a boy there is no teapot, milk jug or pretties! I'm sure your girls loved 'being mum'. xx

  3. That is lovely, I think afternoon tea when they come in from school with a slice of cake is FAB - I did it every Friday with my three. I would cycle to school and then we all cycled to a tea room or if we had other things to do straight home and tea and cake, they still talk about it now x You are never to young or old for tea and cake :)