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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Making of a Polka Dot Dress - Day 3

Progress on the frock today:

Cutting out thin strips of interfacing and applying them to the edges of the neck and arms on the lining; making darts on the front and back of the bodice lining; sewing it together (more French seams!); and, tacking together the bodice outer and lining, ready to be stitched later.

Thoughts on today's efforts:

I am taking the whole process slowly. This is not my usual quick fix finished in a couple of sittings type of project. I really hope the finished dress will be worth the effort. And, more importantly, that it will fit. Oh how I hope it fits!

And, post sewing tea and raspberry jam toast enjoyed, I'm off to collect the littlest girl. Bye for now!

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