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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Baby Quilt Update #3

Time for another update on the baby quilt!

Before the weekend, I added another four of the girls' designs to the applique collection, bringing the total to six super special squares to have pride of place in the finished quilt.

I think these joyful little drawings are simply gorgeous. But then I am a little biased.

The iron on crayons arrived today. Needless to say the artists are very excited about what this might mean - I suggested they start with t shirts, but they are already giving me more potential applications of this new art form... it could make for some interesting curtains/cushions if they get their way!

Anyhow, back to the quilt. I am loving making it!

I resolved to take my own advice that I give to beginners, and not get too worked up over perfection, to enjoy the process and learn from it. This is my first attempt after all. So, I am not worrying too much about the mismatching corners (of which there are many) and applying that metaphor about life and tapestry and the overall picture looking beautiful with all its imperfections. Or something like that. 

I have discovered the people at the local quilting shop, Tudor Rose in Oakley, are very nice and helpful if you bumble in asking for advice on what to buy for making your first quilt. I'll be going back. Regularly. Not least because they have a LOT of nice fabrics there...

I've taken the brave move to hand quilt - a slower option, but I really like the way the hand stitching looks already. That said, I'm hand stitching round alternate squares, making a total of 60 to do - I've done 8 so far. Gulp.

And look what the Easter Bunnies gave me (thanks Mum and Sang!).

Potential new projects consisting of beautiful bags and cakes...

I won't even tease you with images of the cake book. All I'll say is that the first recipe in it is for Jaffa Cake Cupcakes. Look out for regular baking themed posts.

Hooray for some sunshine today. Look - I even got my seedlings outside for a few hours of fresh air. Oh, and to air them in the literal sense, too. I woke to the worrying cry from the biggest girl informing me that the cat was perched on top of the seedlings. Not even going to think about the implications of that and the edible things we are trying to grow, and just telling myself we shooed her off before she had chance to do anything, and, that it was the first time she'd done it. Oh. My. Goodness. Bother that cat!

More reasons to be happy it was sunny today. The girls got to have a peddle on their bikes.

With Daddy having a few days off work, we're setting them the challenge of losing the stabilisers/breaking the walking pace speed barrier by the time the school holidays are out.

And look - with a baby bump stopping me from doing up my coat properly, we need the warmer weather, don't we?

Right. That is it. Must go. Have had a text from Mum reminding me it is nearly time for The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2. Can't wait!

Just about got time to make a fresh cup of tea and reach for my quilt...

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