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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Baby Quilt Update #2

Just a short post today with a quick update on the quilt.

Sketches done over breakfast
Just before going to bed the other night, I looked up some tips on making basic quilts. Having come across a little clip from Kirstie herself, that demonstrated inserting some special little applique squares into the design, I went to bed dreaming about possible ideas for my own quilt.

"Our new house, Mummy."
The next morning, I commissioned a team of young artists to help. They were happy to do it, and wasted no time in reaching for the pencils as they finished off their porridge.

The poor cat is still getting wet in the rain, if the middle girl's artwork is anything to go by. (At least she has access to a nice umbrella, and an extra paw to hold it with.)

Over the Easter holidays, I plan to treat the girls to some iron on crayons and blank t shirts. I think they would make great kids' clothing, huh?

The biggest two girls were very proud to see their designs end up as something to be included in the baby quilt, and I think it'll be lovely to have a few permanent reminders of this lovely stage they are at with drawings.

As for the littlest girl, I'm not sure how to incorporate her splodges - but we'll have to think of something, I know - can't leave her out, can I?

And so, the original layout has gone out the window, and this quilt will no doubt take longer to make as a result, especially as my artists have got plenty more ideas they are keen to have me use.  But hopefully the results will be worth the extra effort.


  1. What a lovely way to create a true memory quilt - a heirloom piece to be, surely?! Good luck with the crayons - I'm sure lots of fun will be had with those!!!

  2. Lovely and fab idea to give the artistic drawing side to the children !!!

  3. I love this and can't wait to see it as it continues to grow. What a lovely idea!

  4. Love the cat - how useful would it be to have an extra hand to hold your brollie with?