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Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Sunshine Bag

Has anyone noticed the sunshine has come out a bit over the last few days?

Sneaky day time sewing!
(All thanks to the hand operated Singer for keeping the
littlest girl happily occupied next to me so this could happen...)
I finished my latest bag just the other day. Moments, literally moments later I tell you, the sun came out.

I think these two things are connected, and am calling this my Sunshine Bag. I love the bright yellow chevron pattern - perfect for spring and summer, if you ask me.

And I even made a fun little clutch to co-ordinate with the bag to help me keep all the little things I carry around organised.

Handy key chain clip attached to the lining of the bag to keep keys and clutch secure
My beloved Dolly Bag is a bit grubby from being used so much now, not to mention a wee bit messy inside (with a few too many scrunched up tissues, old receipts, pen lids and other random bits of junk lurking about in the bottom), and so time for a clean out, a gentle hand wash and a new bag to use in the meantime.

The pattern is the wonderful For Pleats Sake tutorial, by Lisa Lam. Pretty easy to follow (once you get your head around the pleat placements and fiddling about to arrange them into a nice fan shape), and it can hold a lot of stuff. Although, I will be making a new bag resolution, which is, to attempt to have more regular clear outs of this one.

And, even though I don't always bother to take a bag out with me on the five minute school run, I could not resist taking the sunshine bag out at the earliest opportunity.

Yes, that is a nicely rounded baby belly you can see before you...

...if I can't wear some of my favourite me made printed cotton tops this spring and summer, I intend to make up for it with big bags instead.

As for progress on my one planned item of me made clothing (the silk polka dot dress) well, er, let's just say progress has been as slow as the middle girl's rate of eating during roast beef lunch today.

I know! Sunday roast beef with Yorkshire puddings and crispy roast potatoes. What is wrong with her? Clearly nothing serious, given the rate at which she wolfed down cheese crumpets followed by bananas and biscuits at tea time, but still - it will be a nice day when she learns to love our national dish (surely it is our national dish, right?) as much as I do.

Mummy: A person who holds all stuff children thrust into her hands after school.
Monkey gloves (knitted by Grandma of course) included.
Hello, spring. Come on now, don't be shy.

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  1. that bag is gorgeous! I've just found your blog, it is lovely. I might have a go at making this bag - I LOVE the fabric!

    Nikki x