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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ten minutes

What would you do with this fabric?
Hello everyone. I am taking ten minutes (and strictly this, as, littlest girl has unusually fallen asleep during the day, and so I should be whirring into action on some dull but essential job or another) to quickly post about a handful of pleasing things about today, and, to get your opinions on something fabric related.

Pleasing thing number one. The sun has got his hat on. Hip, hip, hip, hip, hooray. (If I didn't have dull but essential jobs to do I would be going out to play)

Blatant attempt to give you the impression I eat vegetables as part of my lunch everyday (and not just a way of kidding myself that this balances out the chocolate cupcake I am about to eat next)
Pleasing thing number two. Goldings on the the High Street in Bedford. What a treasure chest of a shop, with, possibly the nicest most helpful staff I have ever come across outside of John Lewis. Not only do they do a brilliant job at sharpening sewing scissors, but, today I have discovered they are a wealth of knowledge about gardening (helpful to a novice like me) and sell packs of seeds at less than a third of the ones I bought at the supermarket yesterday. If you live in Bedford, and haven't been there, go. Any shop keeper who can inspire me to want to buy sets of onions and try growing them for the first time is worth paying a visit to.

£4.99 a metre from a fabric shop in Bletchley
And finally, flamingoes!

Determined to bring on the sunshine through the medium of sewing, I have acquired two metres of this glorious fabric. Thanks goes to Jo, on one of my current courses, for taking pity on me as I gushed about it last week, and buying some on my behalf. It is soft cotton - my first thoughts are simple gathered summer skirts for some little girls I know and love, but I'd love to hear any other suggestions you might have?

Lovely Mothers' Day buttons
Time's up!


  1. that fabric is FABULOUS!!!! It would make a really funky bag. I love flamingos!

    Nikki x

  2. Hi Janet. Glad you're sewing seeds from the seed share! I love the flamingo fabric. Maybe a simple cute 50s style top? The boxy, sleeveless sort I find really useful. (You'd only need a metre then plenty left for a nice bag). Lucy

  3. im very glad you are loving the fabric, glad to be of use !!!
    jo x