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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Seed planting and the pigs

Here comes another ten minute post, while I procrastinate over this afternoon's dull but necessary jobs.

Apologies to any international readers out there, who do not share my typically British obsession with the weather. But, this morning, it was sunny. Oh so sunny.

Look. Here is the cat, lounging around all morning, in her favourite sunny spot by the big window in my bedroom. And, to those of you who have been on my courses and have witnessed me cruelly banishing her from the kitchen whilst sewing is under way (due, let's be clear, to her inability to resist the temptation of walking all over fabrics), here is some evidence that she does get to live inside the house from time to time.

The sunflower growing competition started just after breakfast. Take this as the first of many Sunflower Watch updates...!

Great name, huh? I have high hopes for you, Borage - me and the littlest girl have renamed you the Twinkle Star flowers.
And, after the school run, the littlest girl and me continued in a green fingered vain, planting all sorts of seeds. Including some that were free, all thanks to a wonderful local event that happens in our town each year. During the seed swap, I had the excitement (for me anyway) of being recognised by someone who reads my blog, and who it happens, helps run a community garden in the area. Hello, Lucy!

With all the clearing out and packing attempts, I have quite a few of those big clear plastic storage boxes (mainly now cracked) kicking around the place. They are great for turning into boats, and, I have now realised, acting as make shift propagators for my pots of seedlings. I have got two full with pots now - optimistically hoping they will come with us to the new house, or, be planted wherever we happen to be.

The morning ended with a bit of paper mache making. Those piggy banks have been neglected for three weeks. Unable to bring myself to just chuck them in the bin, it was time to bite the bullet and do a final layer so they are strong enough to withstand being played with. Why do children have loads of enthusiasm on something like this to start with, only to leave you ten minutes later to finish the job, whilst they opt for the more appealing prospect of playing with the mud outside?!

And finally, another weather related moan. It is now hailing. That is all I have to say.


  1. totally sympathise about cats and sewing - why do have to walk on the only thing you don't want them to walk on! she is very pretty though!

    Nikki x

  2. I feel your frustration, as I have a load of plants waiting to be planted into a newly built bed but with our Bedford weather I haven't been able to get them in yet :( so my grow house is still full and all my freshly sown seedlings are sat on my kitchen window ledge x