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Saturday, 23 February 2013

A week of not a lot of sewing (but quite a lot of fun anyway)

Three little monkeys munching on Haribo sweets as they admire the view of London

It's been half term week here. I can remember getting to the end of Monday, and thinking, this is going to be a long week. The weather is cold and everything has looked grey for much of the week, that always makes everything seem like more of an effort. 

But, is it really Saturday night already? I am not sure I can remember what happened to the bits in between, but here are some pictures from my camera to remind me.

Not much progress made on this For Pleats Sake bag. Have done the pleats, but the pieces of the bag are still very much in separate bits and not at all useful for carting stuff around. As this is the big bag we're making on my current course, I'd set myself the goal of making one for myself before the course was out. I have until Tuesday night, if I am going to finish at the same time as the rest of the lovely Bag Ladies! (Mental note to self - remember to take some pictures of their finished bags...)

I am hoping wearing a bright yellow bag might encourage the sun to shine a bit. Optimistic, maybe. Come on, spring!

The turquoise was an unintentional combination, following a frustrating lost in post incident with a package of fabric from Fabric Rehab. I am still hoping it will turn up - but three weeks on, I am soon going have to face facts that my grey lining cotton, along with some other, now sold out (grrr) beauties destined to be turned into bags, are indeed lost forever. Very annoying.

However, with a succession of poorly children over the last month and now half term to hamper my shopping chances, the postman is fast becoming my new best friend - even if one parcel has gone missing.

Look at the lovely things that have arrived through my door! This polka dot silk is even lovelier in real life. Am very pleased with it I can tell you. Thank you to everyone who saw the post and advised me to go for the big and little dots, by the way.

And look. Another source of lovely buttons has been discovered.

Just right to finish off the Gathered Clutches I made a week or so ago (also as part of my `make myself something from the patterns people are following on the current course' challenge).

The pink flower, and the mustard buttons, along with sewing up the little opening gaps in the linings, are the sum total of my sewing efforts this week.

Why? Half term. And, general tired and can't be bothered-ness.

The biggest girl came home with a `take home task' for half term. This is what the rest of us call homework - only I think her teachers have decided the former sounds a bit more enticing.

The task was to make a volcano, and, you guessed it, suggested material was good old paper mache.

I was initially quite taken by the idea. Something to do with my inner wannabe Blue Peter presenter, no doubt.

But then Friday came, and we still hadn't done anything about making a volcano. Well, it has now been made. Not yet painted, but it, along with two dodgy looking pigs (I had to come up with something to keep the younger two away from `helping' with the volcano), are now drying out on the worktop.

The afternoon of chaos that was model making with three very young children had moments of magic about it. But, to be brutally honest, it also had plenty of moments when I wanted to chuck the whole lot in the bin and reclaim my kitchen table for some sewing.

I had naively thought I might get a chance to sit and knit whilst all the model making went on happily around me (just look at the pretty yarn I'd scored the previous night at the brilliant Scone Roses WI "Swap Shop" - written about here and here). But it turns out that whilst being a wonderfully cheap (for that read free) activity to do on a cold February afternoon, paper mache modelling with three children of different ages is very much a hands on, Mummy we all need your attention at once and right now please, kind of affair.

There was only one thing for it to recover. Yes. A whole box between us. It didn't take long.

We rounded off the week with a trip to the big smoke, involving The Science Museum, a few cafes (to warm up), and this rather brilliant ride on the Emirates Cable Car.

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