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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Room on the Broom

My niece Caitlin is just brilliant. Anyone who'd like to argue with that can take it up with her proud aunty.

And, so, I shouldn't sound so surprised at the stunning Christmas present she (with a little help from her mum - also brilliant) for my little girls.

But remember, she is 13, and has owned a sewing machine for less than six months.

She made them a book bag, based around a book by one of their favourite authors, and a title which she knew they didn't yet have (thoughtful girl, my niece).

The bag was full of things she had made, aimed at bringing the story to life - plus a themed puzzle and some colouring for them to do, too.

I think the attention to detail Caitlin has taken throughout this project is just brilliant. The girls were absolutely thrilled when they delved into the bag, and it has been the present they have wanted to show off when friends have popped round to play.

I think the cat is my favourite!

Knowing how to grab the limelight, the central character of the witch is what they all fight over. Well, my girls do, at least. Other children seem to have slightly better manners in the task of sorting out the pecking order of who should be what.

They love wearing the hat and bow, and, waving the wand around in such a way that seems to ensure at least one out of the two other siblings gets accidentally whacked.

Oh, the frog. Maybe he's my favourite...

The dragon has been a huge hit with any boys that have come to the house. Which is also the point at which it all gets a bit noisy, as they break out into roaring contests.

So, a massive thank you to Caitlin for taking so much time to think up and make an utterly brilliant (there's that word again) present that we've all had fun with.

I may just be pinching your idea in the future. Or, commissioning you to make more...?


  1. Absolutely genius idea. And child would love such a thoughtful gift and she is only 13yrs old.. one to watch for future sew/craft queen I think.

  2. Ah that's such a lovely gift! I can't believe a 13 year old came up with it. I might have to borrow that idea with some of our favourite books! My son loved all the pictures so I have no doubt he'd like this. What a thoughtful gift!

  3. What a genius idea. Clever niece! Having two boys I can already imagine the roaring competitons...