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Monday, 7 January 2013

Not a little girl any more

New Year's Day is always a bit special in our house - it is the birthday of the gorgeous littlest girl. Or, the big girl, as she now insists on being called. Best you all know that, just in case you happen to bump into us in the street and mistakenly refer to her as a little girl. She will not hold back in correcting you, believe me.

Big frilly knickers!
Ever since I made the biggest girl this rag doll for her birthday a year and a half ago, the littlest girl has taken just about every opportunity to sneak up onto her sister's top bunk and have a cheeky play with her. You could be forgiven for wondering why it has taken me this long to give in and make her one of her own. Anyhow, her third birthday seemed like as good a time as any to make one.

And, as a girl is never too young to develop an appreciation of good fabrics, I treated her to some pretty Tanya Whelan for the dress and knickers. Despite the fact I had given the biggest girl the choice over fabrics at the time of making her version, there was an instant jealous cry of "Her's is better than mine!" when she set eyes on it. There is no denying this comment will have been carefully logged by the youngest, as she stood by listening (and grinning).

She has named her Emily, after her slightly older (and so much adored) friend. There are several toys named Emily in our house. Which gets confusing when the real life Emily comes round for a play.

I optimistically thought putting buttons on the back might help her master buttons on her own clothes. We'll see! Unlike her other dolls, this one seems to have been granted the privilege of being allowed to keep her clothes on. Maybe this is a sign of how much she likes Tanya Whelan prints? (Or, more likely, that she hasn't worked out how to undo the buttons...)

I'd put off making this until, er, the day before. Can you detect a pattern over my recent makes for others? I just didn't feel like doing it. But, actually really enjoyed it in the end. And it is really gratifying to see how much the littlest - sorry, big - girl loves it. Even if it is almost as big as she is!

Still, my next few makes are going to be just for me. Not sure what yet, but maybe something to wear. I'll let you know when I have found something that inspires me!

The birthday itself was a lovely occasion, with grandparents taking the three girls out to the pantomime, and then home for a little tea party. An no tea party in our house is complete without a cake covered in sweeties and some party ring biscuits.

The next day was official Pants Day for the three year old. Somewhat later than her sisters (due to her own stubborn reluctance to place her bottom anywhere near a potty or loo), and knowing she had impressive bladder control, we had agreed the age of three as her cut off point to voluntarily make the switch.

After a few Oscar worthy tearful attempts to plead for a return to nappies, this has been a raging success. Big sigh of relief all round. Amazing what the combined forces of salty crisps, squash, and the reward of a Smartie each time she trotted off to the potty can achieve. She has most definitely graduated to the status of big girl. And (if the frequency with which she announces to everyone she meets that she is wearing knickers now is anything to go by) she is very pleased with herself.

The Christmas tree and all the other decorations are now down and packed away in the loft for another year. That's it - festive cheer officially over!

Or not quite. For all you Marmite lovers out there, did you know there is a special edition sparkly version to be had at the moment? I know! My sister in law bought me this jar for Christmas (along with some other lovely edible treats), and I think some of this on buttery toast, along with a nice big mug of tea might be the perfect antidote to grey January mornings.

Can you see the sparkles?
Delicious. Or revolting. Depending on where you are on the Marmite spectrum. Happy Monday!

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  1. I love your "big girl"'s big doll! But I may loveyour Marmite even more . . . I have no English blood in my veins at all, but a life-long affinity for many things English (possibly due to my sons' grandmother, who was one of the Land Girls during the War. I loved her dearly and still cherish the tastes we shared (Typhoo Tea, for one, and Marmite). I will have to look for the sparkly Marmite here in Edmonton, or perhaps my friend back in Victoria, BC will be able to locate some for me. Thanks for sharing. I DO see the sparkles, too!! I have three sweet granddaughters and I'm thinking the next dolls I make will be for them. Don't know why I put it off; perhaps it's that I don't like to make anything for one and nothing for the others. Anyway, thanks for the lovely blog and the inspirations. I'm off to look at your 'Wonky Wilma' pattern now . . . ~ Linne