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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Wilma's Parade!

Okay, I cannot wait any longer to show off some of the Wonky Wilma gorgeousness that has been popping into my inbox lately. 

So (as they say on Strictly) in no particular order...

Remember Sharon's retro Wilma, and her mention of a Wilma sewing night? Well, here's what her friend Karen made - can you believe this was the first thing she'd ever made on a sewing machine? Amazing. Just goes to show where a little help from your friends can get you.

And these ladies know how to adorn their creations with some fabulous accessories. 

Karen's Wilma getting into Movember...
Wilma goes all glam! (made by Sara)
Pamela's Wilma elephants at the O2 
Deirdre's spotty Wilma
Ruth's Wilma - made for her grand daughter,
baby Emma (due to be delivered by Father Christmas).
I LOVE the eyelashes, don't you?
French Wilma! (Made by my friend Celine's mum)
Super cuddly velvet Wilma, made by Claire
Paisley Wilma in Stevenage (made by Linda)
Sara's retro Wilma with Bedfordshire lace eyelashes!
I hope you've enjoyed our elephant parade. Has it given you some inspiration for your own Wonky Wilma making? My next one is definitely going to have eyelashes!

If you've got a Wilma under way and didn't quite get finished in time for this parade, please email me a picture when it's done - you'll give me the perfect excuse for another parade! How about pictures of Wilma by the Christmas tree?

I haven't bought ours, yet - but after yesterday's trip to London for Christmas Crafty Pint, I am sorely tempted to get it, just so I can put up my lovely new goodies. More about that later once I have some pictures for you...

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