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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wilma's Adventures in the Most Remote City in the World

Hello everyone! That total is creeping up nicely... so good to see more of you jumping on board with the Wonky Wilma patterns. Thank you. 

Can you believe, Wilma has made it as far away as Australia! That has got me wondering where else in the world she has ended up. Anyhow, today, to inspire you to get out photographing your finished elephants, we have a guest post from Ellen, who comes from Perth. Her gorgeously colourful Wilma is the perfect antidote to our British weather at the moment!

Where will you take your Wilma for her photo session?! I'll probably put the elephant gallery together on Sunday evening, to give everyone a bit more time to get their elephants finished.

Bill Bryson said that Perth is the most remote city in the World, but apparently that is not true!- Auckland apparently pips us to the post by 50km, but it certainly feels remote sometimes with the nearest comparable city of Adelaide being 2,104 km away as the crow flies, and closer to Dili in East Timor (2785 km) or Jakarta, Indonesia (3000 km) than any other Australian cities like Sydney (3300 km) or our capital city, Canberra (3100 km).

And, more to the point, its 14,500km back to England, where most of my cousins live! 
So I thought I'd show you all where I live!

Here in Perth its normally warm and sunny all year round, and we Sandgropers ( as Perth-ites are known) like nothing better than a lazy afternoon by the water, preferably with a BBQ on the go and a cold beer!

But sometimes it rains (though this is a very freak storm for this time of year, and sadly has caused a fair bit of chaos and one death) and we have to find other things to do, like laughing at this crazy modern art they installed in the centre of town, or the new Perth Arena you can just see spiking up in the background.

They have some very strange animals in this part of the world too- though I've never seen a Kangaroo quite this shade of red in the bush!

And since we don’t have any Koalas on the west coast, I thought I could try and take over their evolutionary niche… What do you think?!

I was made to be gifted to a dear friend ofEllen, but instead I'm going to be donated to a charity that provides presents for those in need at Christmas, where I'm sure I will be loved and appreciated much more. So I started off life to help children at Great Ormond Street, and now I can help a kid in Perth too!

 But don’t worry- I have a sibling in the pipeline, to be made out of some funky but more age appropriate fabric we found in the op-shop (‘Strine for thrift/charity shop!) yesterday, so no-one will end up present-less.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Excellent! How cool Wilma has travelled that far! :-) My Wilma is yet to be finished off...but will def arrange a crafty night soon with Liz to finish her off xx

  2. Such an amazing idea and I am off to get myself my very own Wilma! I have the perfect fabric in mind that was purchased from the Country living christmas fair, which was my first time on a train and my first time in London. So it will be for an amazing cause and have huge sentimental value.