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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Show and Tell Tuesday!

Afternoon, everyone! 

Here's what the lovely peeps of Bedford and beyond have been beavering away making in the last week or so...

Alison's blanket

Ann's coffee and walnut cakes
Rachel's cupcakes (made for her son's birthday)
Sally's blanket - made for her son out of his favourite old clothes
Sara's badge place - with hand made lace dinosaurs
Clare's flower brooch (made at the flower workshop)
Pamela's bag, with added brooch (also made at the flower workshop)
Theresa's flower brooches (guess where they were made!)
Pia's new brooch
...and another brooch from Pia (who impressively managed two on the night)
Boston Cream Pie cakes - made by Amy for her hubby's birthday 
Sacha's home made veg!
Anwyn's collection of Gathered Clutches, spurred on by the current bag making course 

Theresa's Gathered Clutches (also on same course as Anwyn)
Aren't they a talented bunch? 

I think my favourite make has to be Alison's crochet blanket - it is just lovely, and I admire anyone who has the skill and patience to make something as big as a blanket out of wool. Which reminds me, I still need to settle on a plan for my friend Sang's Christmas scarf. A plan that doesn't involve cheating by choosing some wool and giving it to my Mum, that is.

I've been working on plans for some brand new courses that will start in the new year. Without giving too much away, there's going to be a couple aimed at inspiring you to make your own gifts - one will have a kitchen theme, and another based on children - and another clothing course, but this time a beginner friendly skirt for you to enjoy with boots.

In the meantime, I'm chuffed at how well the flower workshop went at Fancy - and equally delighted to be doing another one just like it, in a few weeks from now. I even managed to enjoy a slice of ginger cake with some old fashioned lemonade. Delicious! Who knows what I'll choose next time round... If you'd like to come along and join me for a relaxing evening of hand sewing in what is possibly the loveliest cake shop you'll ever come across, then please get in touch and I'll save you a space. 

I'll do the draw for the winner of the free spot on the workshop when the bag ladies come round for their final lesson this evening, and post the result up here a bit later on tonight. Good luck to all of the above entrants!

Oops! This one got missed out... Stacie's Christmas goodies
And the winner is...

...Rachel (with the green cupcakes).

Chosen out of the hat by by little girls at breakfast time. Rachel, please get in touch and let me know which workshop you'd like to come to!

And, as it was so nice to have lovely pictures popping into my inbox, I'm going to do another Show and Tell Tuesday next week. Same idea - and with another workshop place available - here's what to do to enter:

1. Link to this blog (you can choose any article you like) on your Facebook and mention Show and Tell Tuesday
2. Make sure you @KitchenTableSewing in your status update, so that I know to enter you
3. Email me a picture of something you've made this week.

That's it! 

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  1. Fab makes. I'd like to eat those Boston pie cakes - all of them! Can you put me down for the skirt workshop? Sounds like a good excuse to buy a new pair of boots. Ann.