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Friday, 26 October 2012

My New Mug (and general ramblings)

I could have called this post `a random selection of the things I have liked over the last day or so', but my new mug was shorter to type.

Yesterday, me and the littlest girl spent the morning baking. I was partly inspired by The Great British Bake Off (and maybe making up for the fact it has finished - boo), and she - well, if I say my name was `Katy' for the entire morning, the parents of small children out there will know what she had on her mind. We rolled up our sleeves, sang the tunes, we wiggled as we stirred, kneaded and shaped our creations.

I have never made bagels before. And, after the effort involved, I must be honest and say this isn't going to become a weekly habit, either.

But the making was fun, and the results yummy. Even if none of our bagels looked uniform enough to pass the Paul Hollywood test. And don't even start on the ones that had come apart in the boiling process (I'll blame it on my young baker). As I said, the results were yummy!

Here I am examining the texture, just like Paul and Mary. (Love them both, by the way)

Then later that evening, I seized upon the fact the hubby was out for the evening, and invited some of the girls round for an Apronalong! Sewing with friends is one of my favourite things. Chocolates, cakes, cups of tea, fabric swapping, people everywhere you turned, either cutting out, pressing pleats or sewing. I loved it.

Me and Pamela in our finished aprons
And, after correcting a last minute hitch of putting my waist ties in the wrong place (not bothering to mark notches out - guilty as charged), I was pleased to have something finished to show off to the hubby when he returned home. 

My first ever apron - made about a year ago - some of the girls were making a version of this last night. 
The rest of the girls were making a version of this apron, which was much more complicated than the reversible ones Pamela and I made, so there is still a little bit of finishing off to do. But take it from me, there'll be a few more very stylish looking domestic goddesses in the kitchens of Bedford once they're done. Will it make the washing up more fun or our cooking any better? I doubt it. But at least we'll all look lovely in our new aprons. Watch out, Bree van de Kamp.

People say us Brits are obsessed with the weather. Well, I guess I am living up to that, as this week, just about the only thing I seem to be noticing (and boring my hubby with when I give him the daily park report) is how beautiful autumn is this year. 

Is it just me, or are the colours just absolutely fantastic this year? Maybe I am just noticing it more, as me and the littlest girl tend to go to the park every day. She loves looking for squirrels, and I am happy marvelling at the leaves. Thank goodness for the age of the digital camera, that allows me to happily snap away to my hearts content at all the gorgeous colours I see on my trips to the park.

And finally, onto today's little shopping trip. Fabric and wool, and a nice new mug for me (to replace a favourite mug I broke a week or so back).

I am going to be secretive about what I have planned for these purchases, as they are destined to be turned into presents - especially the wool, as some of that is for the challenge my friend Sang and I have set each other (to knit a scarf for the other in time for Christmas).  As for the other knitting `project' - well, let's just say I have recently been struck by an overwhelming desire to own a bobble hat. Now I just need to get my head round the instructions, and, if things go wrong, fight the urge to hand the whole lot over to my mum to finish for me.

Wish me luck in my knitting adventures!


  1. My friend asked me the other day if I had ever made bagels as I am quite into my breadmaking and I looked aghast! They sound very fiddly so well done for having a go. I am now expecting posts from you about homemade tea cakes and french fancies!!! :)

  2. Ha ha - I must admit, I was briefly tempted by the fancies. But they looked seriously hard to make!! Maybe something for half term - we'll see... Go for it on the bagels - not hard.

  3. I am thrilled to have inspired a sewing evening. I love your photos. Making bagels - wow, that is serious.