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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Love your scraps!

My friend Rachael sent me the link to these apple and pear pincushions (originally from the gorgeous Mollie Makes magazine) back in January. I've finally got round to making some!

I enjoyed every bit of making these.

From rummaging through my scraps and having the satisfaction of an "I knew these would come in handy" moment, to the sewing itself.

I'm not sure why a grown woman would find making pretend fruit so pleasing, but I do.

And, one just wasn't enough.

I made the first three pieces on Sunday night, and then got started on the additional four yesterday evening, before and after my current bag ladies came round to make their own versions of this bag.

If you happen to try making these yourself, my top tips would be to use tons of stuffing (I used a chopstick to help shove extra into the fruits so that they ended up nice and firm), and, to have a thimble, nice long needle and a pair of pliers to hand for sewing on the buttons and stalks.

Making the pincushions gave me the idea for a new course, appropriately titled, `Love your scraps!'.

It's going to be full of cute little makes and ideas of what to do with the scraps of fabrics you might already have hidden in a box somewhere. And, if you're new to sewing (or not a hoarder), and not in possession of a scrap pile, the things on the course can all be made with minimal amounts of fabric - perhaps the perfect excuse for treating yourself to a fat quarter bundle (am I the only one who finds little bundles of coordinating prints irresistible?!).

If you'd like to know more about my new courses for 2013, please click here. Gift vouchers are available upon request (and valid for one year from date of issue). Booking for courses is going to stay on old fashioned paper for now, but watch this space and things might change!