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Monday, 8 October 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Okay, I crumbled.

Doesn't every two year old like to coordinate their toys and clothes?!
Faced with well over a metre or so of lovely corduroy left over from my skirt, I turned it into this. 

Hello again. Despite your ability to reduce me to tears when
a thread breaks, I salute your speedy neatening of seams.
Actually, that isn't strictly true. I realised I could squeeze several skirts out of the left overs. So I did. And a pair of elephant ears.

Sorry for ignoring the verdict of the magic/tragic jury over dressing children the same. But I reckon this is probably the last year of my three little girls wanting to do it. And I promise not to wear my skirt at the same time. Honest! But let's face it, anyone who knows me well, knows what my favourite childhood film was. I have never pretended to be cool.

And if I were writing the lyrics for the song, corduroy and jumbo ric rac would be on the list of my favourite things. I love them both!

It's Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week - not sure how successful I'll be at doing an hour of sewing for my children each day (going to be focusing on getting the Wonky Wilma pattern launched), but I will definitely be soaking up a bit of the inspiration from the Flickr pool. Always lovely to see the creativity going on amongst other mums who sew.

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