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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I still haven't sewn name labels into their uniforms....

But I have made them some nice new clips to wear on their first day back at school.

And that's about all it will be. They might last to the end of the second week, but I am under no illusions that clips don't last long on this earth. Where they go to I do not know - maybe to the same place as all the socks that would make matching pairs to the odd ones that lurk at the bottom of our laundry basket.

These clips are easy to make. You don't even need to sew anything.

Being a little obsessed with sewing, I couldn't help myself though.

But if you have some big vintage buttons and decent glue, you can make some sweet little clips in two minutes flat.

I really like the whole back to school feel of September, and the many excuses for new goodies it brings. Maybe that's why I became a teacher.

Along with it comes the back to school resolutions.

For me, I am going to get out of bed early enough to fit in a swim (the local pool is only a couple of minutes round the corner from where we live) before the school run. Yes, you heard it.

The time has come to face reality - if my back is still playing up (currently awaiting physiotherapy) and I want to keep up my three a day habit (pieces of cake, that is), I need to do some alternative exercise. Don't worry, I have cut back my cake, but never will I surrender it altogether.

And a small resolution for the girls will be to keep all their clips tidily tucked in these handy drawers. No more stepping on them or hoovering them up.

How about you - any September resolutions?

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