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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Another Lisette Market Top!

Fabric from the V&A range. It was an instant love at first sight moment between me and this peacock print, and my other one metre purchase made using birthday vouchers from my sister in law. 
Yes - another one. Nothing like getting value for money out of a pattern, and the Simplicity Lisette 2211 is certainly one of my favourites! It goes well with jeans, as well as the skirt option that comes with the pattern. You can see other makes from this pattern here, here, here and here...

I got it to a teasingly almost finished but sleeveless stage before the start of the summer holidays, and then, well, time got the better of me.

Time, and the fact my perfectionist tendencies crept out and protested about the machine stitching that is visible (if you squint and know it's there) around the false piping. I decided I couldn't live with it, and so began the time consuming unpicking, and resewing by hand. I like the end result much better now.

Anyhow, a couple of weeks or so ago, I finally finished the top. I've worn it a few times since - including off to the nature reserve at the end of our street. 

We headed there with my Mum and nieces and nephew - who, is getting into photography. So these photos are courtesy of an eleven year old boy called Ketan.

One of several new pieces of sculpture created by local college students 

The giants apples - which come apart like a jigsaw. 

Sadly not tons of blackberries on that occasion - although we made up for it last weekend, and found enough for a crumble and some jam. Jam making is definitely one of my favourite things about the summer holidays.

I feel obliged to point out my Mum took this photo.

Here I am beside The Climbing Tree in Bedford Park (about 20 metres away from the nature reserve, so we frequently go to both in one trip). This is one of my children's favourite things about the summer holidays. Tons of time to spend right here.

I cannot think back through the entire summer holidays and systematically sift out my favourite bits without maybe missing some gems out. Clearly, my brain has turned to sludge.

But, my best bits of the last week have included (in no particular order) -  rediscovering Roald Dahl with the older two girls (we have just finished The Twits and are now half way through The BFG); realising the youngest girl (aged 2 and a half) can actually pedal and steer her big sister's bike and watching her gleefully announce to her sisters that she is actually Bradley Wiggins (Olympic legacy eat your heart out); and, turning old school socks into monsters.

Monsters designed by Elizabeth (aged 2), Max (aged 6), Ruby (aged 3), Rachael (aged 4) and Sophie (aged 6) 
A very raucous real life game of Angry Birds was swiftly devised once the monsters were all completed - the monsters were the pigs and the children the birds. Whatever that means. Already, I have failed to keep up with what the heck they are all on about. I just sat back, happy that I had fooled a six year old boy into enjoying sewing on buttons.

On other news, I have not been to the pool - yet. But I am certain it will happen any day soon. I'll be the first through those doors at 6am.

Oh, and that stain is still there...


  1. Such a gorgeous top and I love the Benedictus range.....I first saw it in JL in MK a little while back and have been lusting over it ever since! The faux piping is such a nice touch, really makes the top :) x

  2. Thanks! It was a love at first sight moment when I saw the fabric. Instant purchase justified by fact it was birthday vouchers I was spending... glad I did, as JL at MK had run out shortly after.