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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pottering in pyjamas

Mending an elephant in my pyjamas
Four weeks down, only two and a bit to go until the end of the summer holidays. Gulp. I think I am still in the liking the school holidays more than term time camp - just!

The past few weeks have been filled with some moments of sheer magic either doing specific activities with my children or casually observing them as they play together beautifully (leading me to congratulate myself on having three such wonderful children so close together in age), and, I'll be honest, a good few times that have made me wish that I had the option of a nanny and boarding school at my disposal. In between those two extremes, however, have been hours and sometimes entire days spent pretty happily doing nothing in particular.

When at home, we have all taken the opportunity to mooch about in our pyjamas for longer than usual. For me, this has meant the luxury of a good amount of time spent pottering on small sewing tasks, whilst enjoying an extra mug or three of tea before getting dressed.

The picture doesn't show it, but there was a second hole that needed stitching, which, I am reliably informed by its four year old owner, was "where her poo comes out!". Not sure how the elephant will go to the toilet now, but the owner was very happy the repairs had (finally) been done.

Next up on the sewing in pyjamas front, was a special commission job, given to me by a girl who had a birthday coming up. I had tried and failed to persuade her not to have me use every one of the sparkly fabrics I had offered up for use on the birthday skirt, but, well, it was going to be her birthday skirt, and, well, sparkly things and little girls do tend to go hand in hand I guess. (Note to self for next time, must remember to only show her the fabrics I want her to choose if I am to be so reluctant to relinquish full creative control.)

The mooching has been all the nicer in my new pyjamas. Oh yes, I do rather like my new pyjamas - here is a picture of them so you too can admire their loveliness!

And, pretty fabric aside, I think the star features of these pyjamas have to be the folded under seams and the hanging loop. Almost a shame they get hidden away, so here is a picture of them together for you all (well, me) to admire.

Time (and inclination) allowing, I'll post up a step by step guide on how to make your own pair at some point in the next few weeks, as they are pretty straightforward and a perfect beginner project for anyone wanting to get making.

And maybe a similar such guide on how to make an elephant? Let me know if you are keen, as it might spur me on to scratch my head and work out how to upload my pattern so people can get their hands on it and make their own versions - I designed the toy for my middle girl after she requested a purple elephant from Father Christmas last year (she still thinks the elves made it) and couldn't find a pattern I liked.

The elephant has made a good recovery from surgery, by the way.


  1. Oh there is nothing better than pottering around in pyjamas. Yes please to the tutorials!

  2. I'd live in my PJ's if I could so I'd love a tutorial (for the elephant as well please). PS Janet I love your blog, it always makes me smile when I see it in my inbox x

  3. Tutorials it is then! Will get going in the next week or so, as have some material lined up to make a pair for a friend of mine, so will snap away as I sew them. :)

    Thanks for your nice comments, too Gillian. I am never sure if anyone reads what I write, so lovely feedback like that makes me beam! X