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Monday, 20 August 2012

Bring me sunshine

birthday girl
Hey, guess where we have just been?

Glorious golden beaches...
...a tall tower for brilliant views...
...a ball room...

Some friends of ours have a flat right beside the seaside, which they very kindly let us use from time to time - it's about a mile or two away from all the razzmatazz that the Brits amongst you probably know and love Blackpool for, and has tons of quiet sandy beach a hop across the road from it. When the sun shines, it is glorious, and, as one local dog walker proudly commented to me as the girls were busily building sandcastles, "Who needs Spain, eh?".

Here I am, posing by the seafront, pausing for a minute or so for the girls to get their breath back as they scooter into the centre on our first day. Incidentally, first time I have tried this particular combo of me made skirt and chevron cardigan - entirely down to the unplanned nature of packing my own clothes, but I think I have got away with it. Am I the only mum who carefully packs everything under the sun for her children, then, short on time, hastily stuffs some things into a plastic bag (suitcase already full with stuff for same said children) before dashing out the door to join the rest of the family (who have been waiting in the car for several minutes to leave for holiday)?

It was Sophie's birthday whilst we were there. So I made sure I packed a special birthday outfit for her to wear on her big day. Despite my reservations at letting her select all three clashing sparkly fabrics for the gypsy skirt I'd offered to make her, I think the finished look is pretty good - probably helped by the generous use of sparkly sequin ribbon (her choice from Singers in town) that somehow ties the whole thing in together.

Very lucky to enjoy brilliant sea views from every single window of the flat.
The illuminations were being tested whilst we were there, ahead of the
big switch on at the end of the month. (This was a cause of great excitement to the girls.)

I think this is my favourite new feature of Blackpool this year
- the comedy carpet on the promenade just beside the Tower.

And, I must confess, I enjoyed a couple of bursts of Morecombe and Wise style skip dancing down the street whilst the sun was out in Blackpool. It is glorious to be beside the seaside when the sun is out, and the song seemed right for the moment. Maybe subconsciously I felt liberated by the fact I knew I was unlikely to bump into anyone I knew, or maybe I am loopy enough to do that sort of thing anyway - you decide! And, on a rainy day, I can also recommend same said spontaneous skip dancing, but to "Singing in the Rain". Does wonders for the mood when me and the girls are resembling drowned rats from being caught out in the schizophrenic British weather. Looking like someone has thrown several buckets of water over you (because you have misjudged timing when you pop to the swings) is an experience I am guessing holiday makers in Spain miss out on. 

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