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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Three Girls and a Hat

Reversible Bucket Hat - from the Oliver and S Little Things to Sew book
Try as I might, my girls like pink. And purple.

And so, you could say it was pretty predictable that a hat that oozes these much sought after colours would be in high demand. The fact that only one hat like it exists is already a problem. But worse still, as I made this hat out of scraps (intended just as a demonstration for the course I've just finished teaching), I cannot not make another one like it.

Shortly after the visit to the park, the hat was hidden away for safekeeping by the eldest claimant on its ownership, who, even at the tender age of five already understands that possession is nine tenths of the law.

So, whilst I work out a way to side step the current conundrum I have sewn myself into (for you know that whoever I grant official ownership to, the other two will pipe up and want a hat of some sort, and, that, if I choose to indulge them by making them each a hat of their very choosing, the first owner of the original hat will immediately claim an injustice has been done to her and prefer either one or both of the hats that aren't hers - you follow me?), here is a picture of a little girl, who is, quite possibly the happiest one for miles around now that she has graduated to the dizzy big girl status of owning a scooter.

And finally...

The big draw for the winner of this bag. Or the moderately sized draw. Better that way though - my bran flakes were going a bit soggy after writing the names out on pieces of paper.

And the winner is...



  1. Oh my goodness! I've just got back from holiday and repeatedly while I was there have thought to myself 'must get signed up for one of Janet's bag making courses so that I can make myself a decent beach bag'. Now I've got some much nicer inspiration. Thank you. Can't wait to see on Monday :-) x p.s. also want to make one of those bucket hats!! :-))

  2. Really pleased the bag will be well loved! X

  3. Well Done Anwyn ! Another bag for you to store projects in ! ;) lol xxxxx