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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

I go through phases with my sewing - the spring time seemed to be largely a phase of delightfully selfish clothes sewing. I am really enjoying wearing the results - even if handmade clothes do seem to require on average more ironing attention than my usual diet of t shirts and jeans. 

This last week or so, the sewing time I've had has been spent making Gathered Clutches. 

This current phase has been prompted by several things. Quite a few friends have got birthdays coming up soon. And, there are a couple of raffles I have been asked to provide donations for, too. And finally, Saffron at Fancy had been suggesting I put something into the gift cabinet she has in her cake shop, just to see what happens. 

All in all, it seemed like enough reason for me to make some clutches again. Although from time to time, I run a handbags course that these are included on, it has been a while since I have made a few myself.

Funnily enough, it was about this time last year that I made a big batch. Probably for the same friends. In fact, yes, most certainly for the same friends. Let's hope they don't mind getting another one, eh?

One reason I like making these little clutches so much is that you can finish one in an evening - so an instantly gratifying project. But, more than that, in sewing terms, they are a way of combining some of my favourite things.

Starting with fabrics.

Oh, the fun I had choosing fabrics ready for my little clutch making spree! A child in a sweetie shop, and all that.

As they don't use lots of fabric, these clutches are a great excuse for buying up several of the gorgeously dreamy prints you have been coveting from a distance - like the Joel Dewberry Aviary one used here for this trio.

Combining this with some of my other favourite things, such as, covered buttons, twisted rosettes and big floppy fabric flowers, and you can guarantee I will be singing my heart out a la Julie Andrews before too long.

And, girls (you know who you are), just in case you were wondering, no. These ones are not the ones you are getting for your birthdays. Those will be kept as a surprise. And, I am going to say it here, as I have a better chance of coming good on it then - I have just been given a new book on making handbags. Once I have finished my current phase of gathered clutches, I am going to challenge myself to make something completely different in time for next year's birthdays. There.

These ones are now in their new home at Fancy. I've often said to people the reason I don't make things to sell is two fold - time and, also, the fact I get a bigger sense of satisfaction out of teaching people to make things for themselves, rather than me making things for strangers. But, I've just found a third reason - I was surprisingly reluctant to leave my little creations in the gift cabinet! Bit daft, really.

I'll be popping in to check up on them soon...

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  1. Swoon! The "gathered clutch" is a must have - I adore the finishing touches too. What a beautiful design. Lucky friends :-)