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Friday, 9 March 2012

Milkmaid skirts

Milkmaid Skirts
I had some gorgeous leftover print scraps I wanted to use - but none of them big enough to make anything out of alone, so decided to see what I could make by combining them.

Then, the memory of reading this tutorial about a year or so back popped into my head, I sat down with Sophie and played about with fabric combinations, and it all went from there.

Milkmaid skirt made with two front pockets (one for tissues one for sweetie money?)
Now that this version is finally finished (it sat half done for a good few weeks), I definitely wish I'd had enough of the main print to make something for myself. I just love the stunning combination of colour used in the flowers. I love the animals, too - and think they are perfect to turn this skirt into something fun for a little girl to wear.

Elasticated waistband on the back

Next up is a pretty in pink combo. The girl says she loves it just as much as her `funky skirt', as she calls the other one.

Two unusual looking skirts out of scraps, and no need for much money to be spent on either, beyond a little bit of elastic. Very pleasing result. Smug Cake? I think so.


  1. wow, these are amazing! you used my tutorial to make a skirt with my current favorite fabric!! so yeah, i love them :) now i'm off to copy you.

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy looking at your blog, so happy to have given some inspiration back :)

  3. I LOVE the pop of yellow in the skirt! Darling skirts!