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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hello, Spring!

New Look 6016 made with Urban Zoologie, Little Monkey Spring by Ann Kelle
I have decided that in our household, Spring officially starts when the weather is good enough for the girls to play with the water table and for me to wear sandals.

So for me, yesterday was the start of Spring. I celebrated it. With a slice of chocolate, fig and almond cake and a cup of tea, whilst the children were distracted soaking themselves in the garden.

Partly motivated by yesterday, I'm going to have a bit of a push on my own sewing this week, and see how many things I can finish up. (So that I can make room for some new fabric when it arrives in the next week or so. Obsessed with beautiful fabric? Maybe, just a little...)

I had a head start on this one - as I had a whole afternoon to myself on Sunday. Not just a couple of hours, but several. I caught up on some of my favourite TV, I ate buttery toasted bagels with Marmite, and then I sewed. And, for once, I actually made something from start to finish in one sitting.

Urban Zoologie - Little Monkey Spring

One of the many reasons I love making some of my children's clothes, is that I can make them the kinds of clothes I'd like them to wear. I like seeing my children in clothes that are bright and colourful, maybe with some animals printed all over them, and in styles that are free and easy. Maybe special occasions are different, but generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of dressing children to look like mini adults.

I'm really pleased with this dress. And so is my youngest - her face lit up as soon as she saw it and she said "Monkeys!". She has a bit of a thing about monkeys. And, like most small children, can do a very enthusiastic impression of one. Repeatedly.

Next up is another animal print dress for my littlest, this time with owls and bunny rabbits. Love. It.

Forest Life by Michael Miller (from Fabric Rehab)


  1. What lovely fabrics! Spring is certainly in the air, which means enough natural light and warmth in my spare room (the sewing room) to come out of hibernation and start making things again :-)

  2. Brilliant. I love Spring. Hope you enjoy making things! X