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Friday, 24 February 2012

The Play Dress

After all the faffing around with my over locker last week, I got there in the end. I am slowly getting more confident over things like changing the threads and solving minor problems. I may even treat the thing to a more regular spot on the dining room table. You never know.

For now, here we have a ridiculously simple to make dress, perfect for playing in. And Mum, if you're reading, the inside edges do look lovely - thank you (I may ask for another master class next time you're up).

Red linen mix from Singers (about £5 a metre, I think) and flowers
made from scraps of Amy Butler fabric (love, love, love scraps)
The dress is just a lengthened version of a basic peasant top. I'd intended to make it more fitted with an elasticated casing at the waist, but my five-year-old client liked its unfinished, free flowing style. It is the perfect thing for playing in. Apparently. And the customer is always right, right?

I took her advice, and design input, and added some flowers with yellow buttons in the middle. All the yellow buttons we could find, in fact.

These bright and cheery flowers on some lovely free flowing linen mix have got me thinking about summer already. And in particular, the sight of my lovely little girls running around on a sandy beach somewhere.

As the first one was so easy to make, maybe I'll make another two. Oh, go on then. We all know I can't resist a bit of sibling co-ordination when it comes to wardrobes.

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