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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bonus skirt (and a moan about the snow)

Cute little skirt made with leftover fabric from my dress
So, the family wedding I'd made a dress for was last weekend. It was a lovely day. Best moment had to be the church doors being flung open ready for the bride to walk down the aisle and the realisation that it had started snowing outside. Beautiful picture postcard wedding scene of Bath in the snow, with an bride looking wonderfully elegant in her long sleeved wintry dress, all perfectly framed by the stone archway of the entrance to the church.

Our young family even managed to pull off a resemblance of smart, too - the girls in matching skirts, clips and red shoes. I don't know what your opinion on matching kids' clothes is, but, for special occasions, I love it. And, well aware they won't love it for long, a wedding was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Anyhow, we managed collective smart until after the ceremony, when our youngest got her hands on a crunch cream during the car journey to the reception, and the middle one had fiddled about with her hair clip and came up with her own self styled look.

And the pictures of this lovely occasion? My camera died five minutes before it all kicked off, and still refuses to whirr into action a week later. So, for the time being, any pictures are being taken on my phone. Humph.

The playground yesterday
Whilst snow is all well and good to set a picturesque wedding scene, hanging around, turning to ice, and then adding a bit more snow to the mix is just a bit annoying.

And it isn't as though my children all love it, either. The eldest loves it, and has to kick her way through every fresh looking bit of snow - but it's all a bit too cold and slippery for the younger ones.

Having dropped the older two off at school yesterday, I thought I'd take the littlest one to the park. To the left of the scene above were lots of other kids having a great time mucking about in the white stuff. Not my little one. Refusing to budge from her buggy, she made it quite clear she'd rather go to a cafe. So that's what we did.

Pretty, huh?
I'd like to go for a run, but haven't been able to do so for a week now. This makes me a bit on the grumpy side. And, now I've finished my skirt out of off cuts of my dress, I'd like to wear it. With my new shoes. And tights. I have a whole rainbow of colours sitting in my drawer, waiting to be worn. But for now, its jeans and hiking boots everywhere I go. Boo to snow!

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