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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Today is officially the last day of the January Rule (my self imposed ban on buying anything sewing related). 

It has proved to be a fun challenge to go through - lots of finished projects to show for it, and I'm not done yet, either. I finished off The Dress last night. Very happy with it. Very happy indeed. Maybe a bit too happy. It is only a dress, after all. 

No pictures of The Dress yet. I often look at other blogs, and in my head think I'll pull off a stylish photo shoot of me looking effortlessly cool or glamorous (either would do) in something I've made. Chances of this happening? Very slim at best. Even slimmer under current conditions, as our house has been hit by the latest virus doing the rounds, and so my daytimes are pretty much occupied with looking after poorly ones, leaving no time for Mummy to fart around trying to take pictures of her latest sewing work of art. 

What I have got are a couple of snaps of a couple of little things I've made over the last week or so. And, in keeping with the January Rule, I didn't need to go out and buy anything to make them with, as they were teeny tiny scrap friendly projects.

I love scraps. I can't bear throwing away leftover fabric, and hold firm to the mantra of "They'll come in handy one day" - and they usually do, either as something to practise on, or, for a project of some sort. I always bundle up my scraps at the end of each project, and, as far as possible, try and keep them in colour themed bundles. (I know, I should get out more.)

The beginnings of some hair clips to go with these skirts and this dress
Pretty flowers for three little girls to wear in their hair for a wedding!
Just the right amount of fabric left for the zippy wallets. Love it when that happens.
Zippy wallet using Cath Kidston scraps from this project
Next thing up to sew/butcher might be making a shrug out of an old jumper of Mark's I accidentally resized a while back...

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