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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wilma the (Wonky) Elephant

Here she is!

She'll be getting a cousin before too long, as there are a few tweaks I'd like to make to the pattern. Namely the ears, and saggy area around the legs and tummy.

Oops. Shame her ears almost meet in the middle.
I thought about unpicking her and adjusting the ears, and doing a nip and tuck of the legs. But then, well... I'll tell myself it was a deliberate decision not to be a perfectionist over a toy for my three year old (who won't notice or care about any of the faults I see), but really, it was pure laziness on my part.

I made the bulk of the elephant over a sewing night at a friend's. She came together quite effortlessly over the gossip and cups of tea. Until the feet. And, after fiddling to get the first two in place, I'll admit my enthusiasm started to fade a bit.

Now she's stuffed and ready to be cuddled. She might get a playmate at some point. Failing that, maybe an elephant shaped cushion, as suggested by one of the ladies the other night (thanks, Anne).

My favourite bit of her is her tail and general wobbliness.

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