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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Teddy bear carriers (to indulge three little girls)

Hands free transport for Bear and Rudolf

I recently bought a copy of Oliver and S Little Things to Sew - mainly because I'd seen finished projects from it cropping up all over the place in blogland, and knew it had a nice hat pattern in it that would come in handy for summer holidays.

I'd recommend this book to new sewers and more experienced ones -
nice things to make for young children, and clear and easy to follow instructions

So I made one reversible bucket hat...

Unexpected sewing related bonus of having three children?
You increase your chances of the hat you've made fitting one of them!
...before my older two daughters got hold of the book and spotted a picture of a little girl with her teddy in a sling. 

The conversation went something like this: 

"Mummy, you're really good at making things" 
"Thank you" 
(brief pause) 
"Will you make us one of these?" 
(big grins) 
"Er, okay then"

Last night I got together with some friends for a sewing night and catch up, and took a bag full of things to make the carriers. Knowing  life would not be worth living if I finished one at a time the girls would be excited to have their carriers at the same time as each other, I tried to make them in parallel, factory style.

Flagging, I left the ladies to it, and took my three almost finished carriers home with me. And so, never one to resist the lure of an almost finished project - and a sewing machine still sitting out on the side from where I'd left it after coming home - I quickly did the last bits while the girls finished up their breakfast this morning.

A very well loved Bear and his owner, appreciating his new sling

Another stuffed toy in a sling - yes, the owner is still in her PJs
(gotta love Saturday mornings!)

Result? Two VERY happy girls. 

And one younger girl, who would have protested loudly had I not made her a sling likes to be part of the gang, but wasn't really sure what to make of it, and slung her sling on the floor shortly after initial inspection.

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