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Friday, 22 July 2011

My Summer Skirt

Just in time for the summer holidays, here is my new skirt.

Summer skirt for ME!

I've had a skirt and top combo planned for a while - having bought the pattern and fabric for both at the same time.  I've been happily wearing the top for a couple of months or so now - but, then got a bit distracted by other sewing projects, and have taken until now to make the skirt.

Here's the pattern I used - I've made a skirt, a top and a tunic from
it now, and am really pleased with how they turned out. I might
try making a warmer, woollen winter version of this in a few months.
The fabric is a light weight linen that I bought at John Lewis - along with the Amy Butler Paisley print for the top that matches it. And, a nice bonus - I didn't need anywhere near the amount of fabric the pattern said I would - so next time round I'll know to buy less.

So here are a couple more gratuitous shots of my new skirt...

 The four mismatching buttons (front and back) are completely intentional
and in no way just as happy accident of what I rummaged through and
found in my button stash. Ahem.

Now I can wear the top with something other than jeans.

I think the skirt - and maybe the top/tunic - are definitely something that someone with a bit of basic sewing experience could have a go at making, and will be making this set of patterns available as an option for people on the Selfish Sewing course I'm planning for this autumn.

Something more elegant to finish with than the sight of me posing awkwardly at the park.
Here's to a long, picnic at the park filled six week summer holiday from school.

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