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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Changing bag accessories, anyone?

So here are some things I couldn't resist making thought would make lovely accessories for me my friend with the fabric that was left over after making the changing bag:

Baby's bib made using vinyl top layer and soft flannel on the back

A bear as a model? Are you insane, woman?

Possibly. But here's a bear behind. Ha ha ha. 

And a fancy holder for pencils, for the proud big brother to draw
on things he shouldn't whilst his Mum is busy with the baby

The flowers on the gathered clutch - no sewing involved and VERY easy to make

Not an original idea in sight here folks - except perhaps the daft one of using Teddy as a model. I can't take any credit for the ideas - they are all based on some of the many brilliant tutorials I've found on the websites listed to the right of this page. Hooray for the friendly online community of people who like sewing.

And on that note, time to scoff the last chocolate chip cookie before my children notice...


  1. Lovely! elephants are so cute, I made a Bapron out of that fabric too!