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Friday, 10 June 2011

Birthday Roses Clutch

Birthday Roses Clutch

A friend of mine is having a birthday bash tomorrow night. And I must confess, I left it until today to think about getting a present sorted for her. There. My guilty secret is out. And, not really wanting to head to the shops with my little helpers in tow, it was time to get the sewing machine out and think of something to make. Fast.

Here's what I raided from my sewing box

I've been seeing fabric rosettes all over the place lately - and, like a child with a new toy, now that I know how to make them, I am on the look out for any excuse to use them. And who doesn't like flowers on their birthday?

So here is another take on Anna's gathered clutch tutorial.

This time I decided to play about with the inside, and veer off the original tutorial a bit, by adding a vinyl pocket to keep photos in. I came across a good tip from bag making guru, Lisa Lam - if you haven't got a special foot for sewing vinyl (and let's face it, that would have taken forward planning on my part) then a bit of paper will stop the machine getting stuck on the vinyl. Worked a treat!

Making the interior vinyl pocket, using paper to stop the foot sticking to the vinyl

I must be honest - since completing the clutch, I'm now beginning to wonder what the point of an internal photo pocket is on this sort of zipped purse. Oh well - I had fun making it, and hopefully my friend will like her rather discreet place to keep a photo. Maybe I'll put the next photo pocket I make in a place where people can actually see it properly. He he he.

Here's one more unnecessary picture of the finished clutch:

Last minute birthday present. Done.

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