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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Today, my sewing life has coincided with real life -  in the form of spectacles.

Spectacle embroidery WIP (inspired by latest Mollie Makes)
I went into town first thing this morning to collect my new specs. This made me happy on two counts - walking into town (pushing Charlotte in her pram) under my own steam, and, the specs were free. My loved ones have been wonderful to me during the back recovery period, and have saved my bacon by turning up day in day out and lifting Charlotte on my behalf while I couldn't. But it feels lovely to be independent again, and a relief to be pain free, too. And so, whilst the weather today has been a bit Jekyll and Hyde, and it was raining whilst I walked, who cares. I am on the mend, and I have nice new specs that have not dented my pocket (thanks to generous deal at Specsavers for contact lens customers). Hop, skip and a jump!

Charlotte did not earn her Perfect Baby badge today whilst we were out - she was awake when I decided to grab a tea (okay and a totally unnecessary chocolate twisty pastry to eat with it) before heading home. Gone is the convenient sleeping newborn for such occasions - hello wriggly baby with a newly acquired loud voice and lightening fast grabbing skills to go with it. That will be a paper cup for my tea please, then, so I can leave everyone in peace and drink the rest on the way home...

Never underestimate the pleasure of a cold can of Diet Coke (enjoyed in peace)
All was soon forgiven. She does have the cutest smile, after all. And (more importantly) fell asleep in time for me to enjoy a bit of time to myself before collecting her big sister from pre school.

And look what I am doing - plans afoot for making the front room all nice and homely. A pile of newly washed fabric that will become a sofa blanket (am hoping this will go down well with the man of the house who likes to keep heating bills as low as possible), with (hopefully) enough for Something Even More Exciting as well. And, some almost finished embroidery. Or, rather, bespoke one of a kind art for the wall above the sofa. Sounds much trendier to say the latter - a lot less like a little old lady's pursuit, I think. For, although I have resisted taking a Selfie of me wearing my new specs, they make me look and feel about ten years younger. Hurrah for spectacles that are miracle working (and free).

The littlest big girl's first sewing picture (ice cream) in a frame, ready to join the rest of the picture collection about to go up on the wall above the sofa
One final thing that made me happy today - after nervously holding off committing to anything until reaching the 6 week post surgery milestone, I published dates for restarting my courses yesterday. And some are already full - yippee! I cannot wait to get started on some lovely new projects with the people who come along to join me for some sewing.

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