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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Out of the mouths of babes

There's a new cafe just opened round the corner from our house - a play cafe, no less. This, readers, has been a source of some excitement amongst the girls. Train sets, soft play, stools with pencils for legs - all this had been spied by the girls through the windows before the place was finished.

We went there as a family today - and, although the hubby was slightly delayed by an unfortunate wife-locked-keys-in-house incident - a good time was had by all. This appears to be a most excellent place in terms of increasing parents' chances of having a conversation together. 

The biggest girl came home and wrote a review (!). Daughter of teachers, I know... I may yet manage to persuade her to type it up and put it on here. But, here is a snippet I just had to share, purely for its `out of the mouths of babes' factor. It made us both laugh, anyhow.

"Gemma did not get nearly as cross as Mummy did when Rachael spilt her drink"
On other news, the Great British Sewing Bee started again last night. I did not watch it (am about to catch up now) because I was having a MAJOR SEWING FAILURE of my own round at my friend Annabel's house. I think it is quite possibly my most magnificent flop yet (we are talking chuck the whole darn thing in the bin due to multiple irredeemable errors) and the irony of this timing is not lost on me. If I can bring myself to, I will take pictures for your amusement. But, at least I have a response for the next time someone says to me I should apply for the next series. 

The producers contacted me (as they no doubt did a gazillion other sewing bloggers, before anyone reads anything into that) to ask me to pass the application details onto my readers. Here's the link and applications close on 16th March - go for it! I promise to cheer from the comfort of my sofa if you get on.

Anyhow, time for a wonderful hour of viewing pleasure - who knows, it might help my own sewing along - ready, steady, sew!

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