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Monday, 27 January 2014

Babies with Moustaches (and other amusing accessories): Day #1

January needs brightening up, don't you think?

For as long as the weather outside is grey and horrible, I intend to bring you, my lovely readers a little daily ray of sunshine in the form of pictures like this one.

Today's star is Albert, or `Bert' as he is known to his girlfriend, Charlotte. You can read more about his mum's love of baking and his dad's amusing reflections on fatherhood here and here.

Who'd like to take part?

Cut out and keep moustache pattern. Now find the nearest baby and stick it on them...
No rules, although there will be bonus points for originality and combining a funny baby picture with sewing theme. There are no prizes (unless a big corporate organisation with extra pots of cash floating around is reading and wants to sponsor this most genius concept). Just the glory and warm feeling inside that you are keeping us entertained through some dull moments.

You can email me at kitchentablesewing@gmail.com


  1. Love that expression! And you're right, January is vastly improved by attaching 'taches to babies, I wish I'd thought of that when mine were tiny.

  2. Yes - Bert has the best eyebrows, doesn't he?! Helen, I dare you to take a fake moustache with you on the school run and find a baby in the playground to attach it to...

  3. Can me and the kids wear fake 'taches instead?