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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Guinea pigs

My children would undoubtedly prefer some guinea pigs instead of the cat they actually have as a pet.

They know that the guinea pigs their cousins have are cute fluffy things, that enjoy being held and petted. Our cat, on the other hand, is far less child friendly, and has clearly not got over the fact she no longer lives in an adult only environment. Hostile would be a better description of her attitude towards our girls, and, due to the many `warning' swipes she has taken at them, they have a healthy respect/fear of cats in general. As a result, the eldest girl no longer feels the need to be particularly tactful about wanting to own either some guinea pigs or a dog when the cat eventually decides to shuffle off this earth.

On Saturday night, I hosted my very own group of guinea pigs. 

It was not hard to persuade some friends to come and let me show them how to make Fondant Fancy Purses, ready to help me spot and iron out any potential difficulties beginners might experience when making them on the workshops I'm planning to host next month.

I like the range of colours these frames come in - it gives plenty of possibilities over fabric choices.

I had a small mountain of fabrics for them to choose from, including bright printed cottons, linens, and some vintage silk scarves to chop up and use. It's always fun seeing what people come up with, as inevitably, they think of combinations that hadn't occurred to me.

There was a fair amount of purse envy on my part by the end of the evening.

I tried to convince them all they should leave their purses with me to look after, you know, as a sign of appreciation for the fun had by all.

Needless to say, they were having none of it!

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