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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The super sensitive motion detector

Liberty square, shawl from Grandma and cushion from Sang
Why do newborns come with a super sensitive motion detector?

Mummy cuddles her to sleep standing up. Happy newborn. The instant she gently, ever so gently and slowly lowers the sleeping baby into the cot. Waaaaaa, waaaaaaa, waaaaaaaa.

How do they know?

I have even tried the patented bottom jiggle as I lower her into the cot. But this baby has the super sensitive motion detector and is not fooled by the clever tricks that Mummy used on her siblings. Or, perhaps I have lost my touch. Or, maybe just forgotten they were all like this once.

Two pleasing things have happened lately to help sleep (apart from baby just getting bigger and more able to sleep for longer, that is). The discovery of her thumb, and, more importantly being able to suck it properly without it teasing her by slipping out of her mouth. And, a friend. She actually smiles and acknowledges that little zebra now each time she goes into her cot awake.

Onto the crafty stuff. Here is the cushion me and the littlest girl finished yesterday. The bulk of the creative credit should go to my friend Sang for knitting the squares, and my mum, for crocheting them together. We just added a back and toy stuffing.

The cushion was an unexpected bonus, which came out of the fact they arrived too late for the project they were originally intended for...

It is hard to think of what to say about this blanket and the friends who knitted it for me without sounding cheesy.

It is a wonderful blanket made by a bunch of friends, who, I hope already know how wonderful I think they are. And, thank you of course to my mum for managing to crochet all the squares together!


  1. It looks absolutely stunning! So adorable, and so special that its been created by so many friends, lovely!

    Also - I have a new born who does exactly the same - screams his head off when mummy puts him down! Lol. So it was nice to read that its not just my little monkey that prefers cuddles to cots! :-) xxx

  2. Thanks, Lucy!
    And, as I have said repeatedly to my husband when he comments she has us wrapped round her little fingers, she has been used to being cosy inside me for nine months - the world must seem a big place, so who can blame them for preferring cuddles... that said, she is a lot better with her cot than she was a few short weeks ago. X

  3. I used to get my baby to sleep rocking her gently to the sound of the cooker hood extracter fan going full pelt and the into her cot with the hoover jammed aginst it.Needless to say she is 25 now and could sleep through WW3.
    From Stella
    ps I live in Bedford too.