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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rachael's Makes - moving onto fabric shorts...

I must keep this post short. You see, the hubby has just left the house with the three big girls. They are going to have a Daddy day out in London. I could have gone too, but to be honest, the prospect of a relaxed day to myself with baby Charlotte was more appealing. 

Before they left, I went out for my first post baby run. Only a couple of loops of the park, but I'm pleased with that. It's a shame I now ache like an out of shape eighty year old. (I say out of shape, because there is an awesome lady at the running club I used to go to who still runs marathons. I want to be like her when I am her age.)

Anyhow, as I enjoy a blissfully hot mug of tea, I wanted to give a quick up date on those shorts, as I am very excited about the little project the middle girl and me have embarked on.

Yesterday, while the biggest one was at a party, the baby asleep, and the littlest big girl happily distracted by a `new' toy, we got started on pattern cutting.

Thank you, Janet W for handing down this fab toy :)
Given how she managed to make a pair of paper shorts to fit her with zero adult involvement, I am keen for this to be her project, and for my part to be restricted to a bit of directing from the sidelines when she needs it. Oh, and to snap plenty of pictures for grandma to cast her expert eye over as she reads this.

I encouraged her to examine shorts she owns, and work out how they are made in terms of where the seams are and how many separate pieces of fabric go into it and so on.

Using a pair of pyjama shorts that currently fit her, she taped them to a piece of paper and sketched out the shape with a felt tip pen. I then explained to her about seam allowances, and she made a dotted line to represent her pattern after those have been included.

Once the pattern was made, it was time to pin it to some fabric. I had a nice big vintage sheet given to me by my friend Caroline - it happens to be the same thing I made Rachael's beloved blankie square out of, so needless to say she is delighted to be using this.

She was nervous when I handed her my fabric scissors to have a go on. But, with a bit of encouragement and the permission to just practise using them on a scrap, she was well away. Scissors are one of her favourite objects, after all, and so being given access to my grown up super sharp scissors was extremely pleasing to her.

And at that point, the baby woke up, meaning (as I'd already carefully agreed with the middle girl in advance) our special play time had to end.

squeezable thighs
And, to end my post, here is a view of Charlotte's gorgeous chunky thighs. She's wearing her latest booties from grandma, and some super sweet frilly knickers to match her dress. She can now smile on demand and suck her thumb. Both extremely pleasing things.

Have a lovely day!

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