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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tiny Toes

The house is currently silent. All I can hear is the sound of the cat purring next to me.

I think this is the first time this has happened in almost a month. And, for that reason, along with the fact that, as any parent of a new born knows, the silence may be broken at any moment without warning, I am giving myself ten minutes to update my blog. Before I return to the other thing sitting next to me. A mug of hot tea.

Charlotte will be four weeks old tomorrow. 

What a happy - if busy - time it has been. I am going to risk sounding smug and say that I think this is probably the time of my life. I almost want to slow down this period of time, so it lasts a bit longer. (Only maybe with more sleep factored in.)

Mum came to stay for the first week, and helped with a whole load of things whilst I staggered back onto my feet after birth and had most of my energies taken up with responding to a tiny little person whose sole aim in life was (and still is) weight gain.

On that front, I am pleased to report there are now several gorgeous and squeezable rolls on each of her thighs, and the girl can also boast several chins, too.

Whilst Mum was here, she mainly took care of the three big sisters, including making sure they got to school on time. Being smitten with Charlotte, it wasn't long before they persuaded Grandma to let them take turns to push her in her pram to school, singing to her all the way there. So keen were they to show off their new little sister to the world. Well, their school friends and teachers, anyhow.

On the final day of her stay, Mum returned home from the school run and announced that she thought "Charlotte's extremities were getting a little cold" in the footless romper suit she had on that day, and that some booties were needed.

By the end of the afternoon - in time for the final school run of the day - the little lady was wearing a pair of her own specially made and very freshly knitted up booties.

Aren't the booties - and those tiny toes that fit inside them - adorable?