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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Making of a Polka Dot Dress - Day 1

Special occasions - and by this, I mean the really fancy ones that give you an excuse to wear your best clothes and maybe buy a new pair of shoes or a hat - are a bit like buses for me.

I can go months, even years, without any. And then, three happen in the space of a few short weeks. And, being the size I am right now, I genuinely have nothing to wear.

There is nothing like a deadline to motivate me. With special occasion number one less that three weeks away, I need to make that dress. You know, the one I have gone on and on about making for quite sometime now.

And so, every day this week, I am going to aim to spend an hour or two on working towards having a finished garment in time. Having the (temporary) luxury of child free mornings whilst the littlest girl enjoys pre school fun and the baby remains in the easiest place in the world for her to be looked after, I intend to make the most of my time.

Progress this morning included: measuring myself (luckily, only bust measurement required as the empire line dress will hopefully just hang and glide over the bump in a lovely flowing sort of way); ironing and cutting out the paper pattern; adjusting it with tape so that it is appropriately sized for my shorter than average height; ironing and cutting out the lining fabric pieces.

With Radio 4 on in the background, it was a delightfully calm way to spend the morning, rounded off with some buttery toast with the last scrapings of the sparkly Marmite on top.

Time's up! And I'm off to collect my lively littlest girl...

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