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Sunday, 5 May 2013

And, breathe...

I now understand why some people refer to moving house as one of life's most stressful experiences.

Whilst I still think there are far more stressful things people have to endure - I am very relieved to report we have exchanged contracts and consequently have a fixed date on which to move. At. Long. Flipping. Last.

This week has been a bit up and down, waiting for exchange to happen. I took my mind off the process on Friday afternoon with some baking, and got a friend round to share the results with me. Anyone else find that a Victoria Sponge and cup of tea improve a situation?

I could rant about the process. And, I must admit, I did, whilst my friend was round. Thanks, Annabel!

But, right now, I am relieved and happy with my lot. Okay, so the moving date has shifted. Four times, by my count. The uncertainty has been frustrating. But, we are moving.

Hopefully, the residents of my mobile nursery can hang in there for a little bit longer. Slightly obsessive, crazy plant lady? Yes, I think that is what I am turning into. But, in my defence, I thought we were moving at the start of April, and, now I have bought these little lovelies into the world, I cannot bring myself to chuck them into the big green bin for the council to come and collect and turn into compost.

I'll be sad to leave our house. I really, really like living here. Three of our children have been born here, and the place holds many memories. We've had regular clear outs over the years, in order to avoid moving. But, with baby number four getting ready to join us, the time has come to move on. 

What am I most excited about?


We currently have one. It's upstairs. We've gone through potty training (three times) and the challenges involved. But now, the power struggles (mainly the middle girl hogging the loo when she knows one or both of her sisters are doing a jig waiting) and post school dashes upstairs and regular puddles on the bathroom floor are about to become a thing of the past. And that is a happy thought that wins over any cross thoughts I may have about how annoying parts of the moving process so far have been.

With three weeks to go, bring on the boxes. You don't scare me. 

And heck. Now there has been a last minute delay, I think I have time to make that silk polka dot dress before the move. But first, there are sparkles to be sewn onto a birthday dress for the middle girl in time for Thursday. Four days and counting, Mummy. 

Three cheers to the sun shining and it being a bank holiday weekend.

Hope you all have fun.

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