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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bakewell Tart, Crochet Workshop and those Roman blinds...

Well, I had a lovely time at the Crochet Workshop the other night.

To be fair, it would be hard not to have enjoyed the evening.

Fancy, Roff Avenue, Bedford
The setting was perfect - and it was lovely to be out in the evening while it was still light, too. Spring has most definitely sprung!

First things first, my chosen cake indulgence for the occasion was a slice of this Bakewell Tart. It didn't disappoint. Short of going to Bakewell, this stuff is the best I have ever tasted.

Then, I found myself a seat and joined lots of other ladies for a lesson on making a basic granny square.

Sam showing us how it's done
Sam is a great teacher - super patient, and oozes general loveliness, too, making everyone feel completely at ease, and ensuring that even the complete beginners amongst us came away with a completed little square.

She'll be doing more workshops like this one - both repeats of the beginners' sessions and also one on making other more tricky granny squares. I am hoping to go along to one more before baby bump arrives.

Spot the granny square!
Meanwhile, with littlest girl still having a whale of a time at pre school, I am making the most of my free mornings.  Okay, so those shirts are still not ironed. And, a critical appraisal of the state of the house work generally would not conclude this was a house in which someone suddenly had a bit more free time.

But, I am making progress on those blinds.

As of close of play this morning, the first blind now has strips of blind tape, Velcro and threads on it. Just one more to go, and then some dowel to buy and chop up and poke into the holes. And then the waiting game, until we move, to find out whether they actually fit. Gulp.

Finally (and then I must get up off the sofa and do some housework...!), here's how I have used the snuggle/falling asleep time with the littlest girl this afternoon.

Sam, if you are reading this, I have been dreaming of a giant version of the Rosy Posy squares you showed me, made into a sunflower cushion. Thanks to the powers of Google, I found a tutorial and had a go with scraps of wool I had to hand. Please ignore the wonky long side - but am pretty happy with this as a first attempt. You have converted me - thank you for a lovely evening.

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  1. Hi Janet, your square looks great! The lovely Sandra from Cherry Heart (where the tutorial is from) has very kindly given permission for me to use her pattern. I'm hoping she will come to a workshop in the future as a guest speaker as she doesn't live too far from us. Hope all is well xx