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Friday, 5 April 2013

Baby Quilt Update #4

Thanks to Flossie Teacakes for a tutorial on binding :)
It's finished!

Thanks to the generally rubbish weather this week meaning a lot of inside playing going on, and, after a sewing night at a friend's last night, I have had plenty of time to sit and do all the hand stitching to finish this thing.

I'm chuffed to bits with it!

This has been a pleasure to make - it gave me the perfect excuse to choose half a dozen prints I really liked, and to have fun putting them together into a quilt for the new bambino.

I used old fashioned Winceyette for the backing - it is super soft.

And, very washable. Which, as my hubby wryly reminded me, is kind of essential.

"Hold this up for me, will you, love? Do you like it?" "Er, yeah - and I'm sure the baby will too when it does a Code Brown all over it" Thanks.

Praise be to whoever invented Lego and Sylvanian Families. They have enabled this quilt to get finished nice and fast by keeping my three little girls very contentedly busy.

And, in a bid to get every last bit of sewing use out of the fat quarters I'd bought, I set about cutting up little pieces (inspired by this) in the hope I'll make a cushion using a slightly trickier looking quilting technique.

Depending on how well that goes, I'll either throw the rotary cutter and mat to the back of a cupboard in a sulk, or, will take up the girls' very unsubtle suggestions that I could maybe make them each a rainbow coloured quilt next.

We'll see!

My next make had intended to be an infinity scarf for myself, using some love at first sight and must buy fabric I bought last week at the same time as the Winceyette. Nothing like sticking to a plan...


  1. The quilt looks great! The one I made for my little boy has been on the receiving end of two huge...shall we say stomach bugs? Well at least it saves changing the bedding! Beautfiful AND useful!